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26 September 2019

A simple guide to restore wooden window frames

Your wooden frames are very ruined but you don’t want to lose all your energy to restore them? Don't worry, with the right products, maintenance will be child's play.

The fateful moment has arrived for you too. Did your wife tell you that the windows of your house are damaged?
Get ready, because you have no escape, you can no longer postpone. It’s time to intervene and perform: the maintenance of wooden frames.
Today, however, we want to introduce you to a small guide that will help you and show you where and how to work on the wood, depending on the degree of wear. Quick and easy tips that will show you, for each type of damage, the most appropriate treatment to perform.

infissi-legno wooden window frames

Wooden window frames: timeless beauty

Whoever is lucky enough to have a home furnished with wooden frames, knows very well how much their beauty and elegance enriches every type of environment.
These windows give the home a warm, welcoming and enveloping atmosphere that hardly any other type of material can reach.
The qualities of this material are not only aesthetic but, structurally, the wooden frames are very robust and long-lived, just think that with a simple maintenance the life of these frames can last several decades.
At the same time, the wood ensures excellent breathability, avoiding the formation of condensation and mold.
Wooden windows also help to regulate thermal and acoustic insulation, and keep energy savings at home under control.
On the other hand, as we know, wood is a natural, living material that needs more care than plastic or PVC to maintain its characteristics.

Wood frames: main drawbacks

The wooden frames are constantly exposed to sunlight and atmospheric agents, and this is the main reason why the appearance of the wood changes. The original color becomes opaque and the natural brilliance loses its tone.
Fortunately, maintenance of wooden window frames is a very simple operation, which does not necessarily require the intervention of a professional. With a little good you’ll can make an excellent and fast do it yourself.

How to renovate wooden window frames: practical guide

Before starting, it is important to understand what kind of intervention we need to perform.
So, let’s take the time to inspect the frames and find out the type of damage.

Before any intervention, we should remember to clean the surface deeply with a damp cloth and a brush.
The frames must be completely clean before being treated. A superficial cleaning could compromise the excellent success of the treatment.

  • Damage caused by sunlight: the wooden frames have lost their original color and appear dull. To renew the color of the wood and eliminate the “fog” effect from the surface we can apply on outdoor painted wood.
    OLIO RAVVIVANTE: a protective agent which, thanks to its active substances, revives color and increases the water repellency of impregnated or painted outdoor wood.
    Thanks to its strong action, OLIO RAVVIVANTE is able to remove the opalescence of the paint, restoring tone and brilliance to the fixtures.

  • Damage caused by wear: if the wood (painted and impregnated with oil) appears “greyish” and on most of the surface the paint has disappeared, to restore the original beauty of the wood we have to make two steps.
    The first is a wash with SMACCHIO LEGNO: a stain remover for aged and tannin stained wood that removes aging patinas, algae and mold from wood exposed to the outside.
    infissi di legno wooden window frames At a second time we must apply OLIO RAVVIVANTE.

Once the treatments are over, to better protect and preserve the wooden frames, it is always good to apply on the surface
an anti-wear finishing product, resistant to UV rays: BARRIER.

Let us also remember that wooden window frames require periodic cleaning to preserve their beauty and resistance.
To deeply clean our external wood we can use DETER CLEAN: a specific concentrated detergent for cleaning surfaces in treated or untreated wood placed outside. It removes dirt, smog, dust, grease, algae and mold deposits.

infissi in legno wooden window frames

Now you can relax and, after taking care of the frames, you can enjoy their beauty and functionality for a long and long time!


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