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21 October 2019

5 tips to always have a shiny grit

Are you struggling with grit cleaning? Discover 5 curiosities that will help you polish your floor effortlessly.

Grit floor, typical of the 50s, is one of the most popular wall coverings that dominates powerfully
the whole world of today’s interior design.
If you happen to see a grit floor you will understand, without any difficulty,
why it’s back: the warmth, the color, the enveloping atmosphere that these tiles, typical of ancient times, give to the house, is something unique.

graniglia grit

The grit is an exceptional material and, in our articles, we always list
all the unique qualities and describe the timeless charm that characterizes this type of flooring.
In addition to the aesthetic characteristics of the grit floor, we have described all the structural peculiarities,
we talked about how to polish it, how to clean it and today, then, in addition to cleaning and maintenance of grits
we want to tell you 5 curiosities that will help you keep these tiles beautiful and shiny.

5 tips for polishing grit flooring

Following the advice of the grandmother and some professional arrangements therefore,
we too can always have a shiny and brilliant grit.
We do not wait any longer and let’s discover these interesting suggestions.

  • Water: today compared to our grandmothers we have much less time to clean our grit, but remember that if the floor is exposed to an intended passage, it is good to rinse it daily even with only a cloth dampened with water, in this way it will be limited the appearance of abrasive material that can ruin the surface.
  • Pay attentions to acid substances: grit is a material composed of marble residues so, despite its structural strength, it remains a “delicate” material.
    Avoiding contact with acidic substances such as lemon juice, vinegar, fruit juice, anti-limestone, tomato, can ensure its longevity.
  • Neutral soaps: as mentioned above, the grit is still marble, so not all detergents are suitable for daily cleaning. We recommend using neutral detergents such as Marseille soap. To make our floors shine, we dissolve the soap in a bucket full of water and rub the floor with a soft cloth.
  • White vinegar: vinegar is a natural detergent, effective both for sanitizing and eliminating unpleasant odors. Thanks to its qualities it can also be used to polish grit floors.
  • Marbec treatment for polishing grit flooring.
    Besides the grandmother’s advice, in case your surface is very compromised, we advise you to carry out a specific treatment, such as the one performed by the talented artisans of the FLOOR SHOP in Florence.
    In two quick and easy steps, you can deeply clean the surface and polish the grit perfectly.
    The first product that will allow you to deeply restore and clean the floor is UNIPUL: a concentrated detergent with multifunctional use, effective even at low concentrations of use, has a low foaminess, leaves no marks after use and leaves a pleasant scent in the environments. graniglia grit Once the cleaning is finished, we recommend a specific polishing product: POLIFIN glossy anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher for stone materials.graniglia gritSuitable for all types of stone material inside, POLIFIN is excellent for polishing without too much effort the grit floor. Easy and practical to use, just spread a layer of product over the entire floor and wait for it to dry perfectly.

graniglia grit

graniglia grit


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