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30 December 2016

Floor cleaning: remove stains from food and drink

In questo articolo vi spieghiamo come rimuovere efficacemente le macchie colorate dal pavimento

Ready to celebrate the new year? In recent years more and more people decide to stay home and arrange a nice dinner with friends! In this way not only will you save money, but you have the option of having all the amenities of home without depriving yourself of a great dinner, maybe fish and good wine!

A nice solution that has only one small downside: Cook at home and have several people at dinner increases risk of few hiccups: food, coffee or wine, pu inadvertently fall but we have the ideal solution for you! Some stains are more stubborn and difficult to send away, for this better rely on specific products and professional cleaning that, before long, ensure optimal results and the disappearance of stains from surfaces without leaving streaks. In this way you can enjoy your dinner in peace and quiet and the festivities without fear of ruining your evening over a glass of wine or a coffee!


Cleaning of floors by colored Organics

-SMACCHIO the professional spot Remover cleaner that removes from surfaces in natural stones, Terra cotta, concrete, ceramic tiles, Agglomerates, Synthetic Grains, stains caused by coloured organic substances without a trace! -SMACCHIO removes stains like coffee, wine, smearing colored food debris and tannin, in a few simple moves. The product should be diluted with water before use, until it forms a paste. It is recommended to apply it using a spatula or a plastic scoop, leaving a layer of 2-3 mm on the area of the surface to remove stains. If you feel it appropriate to increase the shutter speed, the compress is covered with a film of plastic. Once dry you can proceed withthe export of the compress with a brush and rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, you can repeat the application.

Cleaning stains caused by inks, markers and spray paints

Ink stains? In this case the product for youPULIGRAFF! PULIGRAFF the specific product for removing stains caused by inks, markers and spray paint on stone materials,even if dirt is deposited in the porosity of the material. Does not leave unpleasant smells during use. Apply the product with the aid of a spatula or Turner leaving a layer of 3-5 mmon the stain to removeit. If necessary, you can increase the shutter speed by covering the wrap with plastic wrap. This causes slow down evaporation. Once dry, remove the product with a brush or broom and rinse with water. Marbec staff wishes you a happy new year!

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