10 February 2017

Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor wood furniture

Come pulire al meglio i mobili e le strutture in legno esterni

Living space outside of the House very nice and relaxing, this often in the gardens are decorated areas with furniture like tables and chairs, pergolas or small wooden structures that can be very useful.

During the winter the small furniture are usually placed in the shelter to prevent their exposure to cold and bad weather can ruin them, in any case, always a good idea to arrange for their cleaning and maintenance, as well as for the outdoor facilities. With foresights and using the right products to clean the wood, will maintain in the best way for a long time. In this article we shall indeed how to clean outdoor furniture and wooden structures in the best way and easiest.

Cleaning of outdoor wooden furniture stained

If your goal is to remove the patina of aging that has weathered surfaces of wood laid outdoors, the solution for you -SMACCHIO the wood cleaner that removes stains and smudges of tannin. For best results, we recommend that you remove from surfaces paints, oils and waxes for wood. -SMACCHIO can be applied with a brush, a soft cloth or plastic sprayer without spray. Let the wet surface for a half hour and rub it a little with medium hard pads. After that, rinse with water and let dry. If necessary, repeat the operation.

What are the best products to use for furniture and wooden structures ever treated?

If you haven’t ever dealt with your facilities and your wooden furniture the solution FLUOIL + BARRIER. FLUOIL the protective waxy oil specifically for the protection of timber structures. FLUOIL penetrates the porosity of the fibers while leaving the natural look of wood. The product should be applied evenly without leaving excesses and after a half hour goes buffered from any excess with a soft cloth or a dry brush. FLUOIL applies in a passage on gi essences oils (eg, teak, Iroko) and in two passages on essence PIs tampons. BARRIER instead the dirt water-based protective product for wood preservation outside which renews and revives the surface sheen. With a sponge or a soft cloth roll out the product avoiding excesses or drippings and left to dry for half an hour.

Recovery of impregnation for wooden structures

In this case we recommend a preventive cleaning with WOOD-SMACCHIO, then a coat of FLUOIL and finally a coat of BARRIER.

How to successfully execute the proper maintenance of the treated surfaces.

Proper maintenance avoids applying FLUOIL every year, ensures in time the aesthetic and protective properties of initial treatment and run cleaning surfaces with DETERGENTS CLEAN, the product that quickly and thoroughly removes the dirt, smog, dusts, greasy deposits, algae and mold. Applying spray onto the surface and wipe off with a soft cloth until the dirt removal. In the case of stubborn dirt, leave product for a few minutes and rinse with water. To complete the maintenance we recommend reapplying BARRIER 2 or 3 times a year: just wet a cloth and apply it on clean, dry surface.

What the best treatment for wooden garden new furniture?

For the treatment of garden furniture the best ready-to-use and easy to apply PROTECT FURNITURE, specifically formulated for water repellent treatment of patio furniture that enhances the color of the wood and prevents the rigonfiamneto of wood, just spray the product onto the surface and spread it with a sponge, leaving it to dry for about 20-30 minutes. We recommend using this product 2 or 3 times a year cleaning before surface with DETERGENTS CLEAN.

You want liven up wooden painted surfaces?

The painted wooden surfaces with time discolor mainly because of paint sunburned that can become white gray. These surfaces recuparano giving tone to the material being cleaned first with WOOD-SMACCHIO and then by applying the product OIL REVITALIZES the oleo-waxy protective product for restoring wood surfaces damaged by the weather. Ideal for proper maintenance of this type of cleaning surfaces regularly with DETER CLEAN and apply 2 or 3 times a year the REVIVING OIL on clean surfaces.

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