27 November 2018

Christmas 2018: useful tips for preparing the house – Part One

How to make the house shining and welcoming

Is it time to think about the big December cleanings?

With the right method and products, your surfaces will return to shine and the house will be perfect to welcome relatives and friends on holidays.

With Christmas we are approaching beautiful moments to share with our loved ones, so it is essential to prepare our home for Christmas and make it as welcoming and hospitable as we like! If you are also thinking about how to make the most of your holiday home for Christmas, follow our advice! Using the right products, in the best way, means saving time and money, so you can devote yourself to thought-free decorations and gifts! But let’s start with order and let’s find out how best to organize the whole domestic preparation.

So, let’s start to prepare the house for Christmas!

First of all we need to organize the time well, not reducing ourselves to doing everything at the last minute, but subtly dividing things to do in the various days that anticipate the holidays. Organizing well and regularly timing things to do, not finding everything accumulated at the last, will be much less demanding and tiring. Keywords: calm and organization!

1 – Are you sure you need everything?

Start by making an inspection of the whole house. Take a walk around the rooms, take a look at the drawers, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and try to eliminate items that you no longer use or that are old and expired.

2 – Glass cleaning

Once everything is rearranged, prepare to dust the furniture and clean the windows. Glass cleaning is one of the least loved and most difficult domestic procedures. To make this task easier and to have shiny glass, without halos, we recommend VETRONET, a product that perfectly cleans glass, shiny stones, ceramics and shiny surfaces in general. It dries quickly and does not need to be rinsed.

3 – How to clean the bathroom thoroughly

With many guests in the house, the bathroom will be used much more often than usual. It is therefore very important to thoroughly sanitize and polish any surface in the bathroom by removing limescale. A few days before the holidays we advise you to perform a thorough cleaning with SANI-KAL, a product that cleanses and de-scales the surfaces, eliminating deposits of hard limestone, urine, soap residues and rust stains and leaving the surfaces shiny. During the holidays instead, to keep the bathroom clean and fresh, we recommend SHOWER BRILL: a spray cleaner ideal for a fast and intense daily cleaning.


4 – The heart of Christmas: the kitchen and the living room

The kitchen, during Christmas, becomes the place, along with the hall and living room, more frequented throughout the house. This room therefore needs a deep cleaning, no component of the kitchen can be forgotten, from the stove to the worktops, from the tiles to the oven, everything in the kitchen must shine and perfume. To carry out this meticulous preparation, we would like to recommend the very useful Marbec products:

  • PULI ECO: an excellent spray product to quickly and perfectly clean the stove in our kitchen. Degreases and sanitizes all surfaces in metal, terracotta, stone, ceramic, porcelain stoneware, klinker, kitchen tops. It does not contain solvents and allergens. Leave a pleasant fragrance in the environment.
  • CREAM INOX: a product that cleans, degreases and polishes surfaces in stainless steel and aluminum matted or damaged by use.
  • PULI FORNO: a strong degreasing gel detergent, it is excellent for a deep cleaning of the oven. Thanks to its gel form, it is easily applicable even on vertical surfaces such as insidious internal walls.
  • SHOWER BRILL: a decalcarizzante detergent suitable for cleaning, protecting and eliminating those annoying patches that are created on surfaces frequently wetted by water. (Faucets, hobs). This product also cleans and removes limescale without the need for rinsing, leaving the surfaces shiny longer.

Always in the vicinity of the kitchen, to prepare our home for Christmas, we can not overlook the setting of the Christmas table. If in addition to the classic red and golden tablecloths you want to add candles or traditional objects such as candelabras, centerpieces or risers, we recommend a product to make opaque metals shine: METALUX is a product that cleans, degreases and polishes copper surfaces, bronze, brass, silver steel and chrome surfaces.  In the living room, however, the family meets after lunches and dinners; the living room is the place where the exchange of gifts takes place, you play with the little ones and talk pleasantly. These are without a doubt the rooms most experienced by our guests! Fundamental in this area is cleaning the upholstery such as curtains, sofas and rugs. The perfect product to quickly and deeply remove stubborn stains from fabrics is PULITEX. Do you need any specific advice on cleaning your home surfaces? Do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment!

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