4 December 2018

Christmas 2018: useful tips for preparing the house – Second Part

Even surfaces cleaning is essential to get ready for holidays. Here are our tips!

In the previous article we talked about how to better organize the domestic cleaning to prepare our home for Christmas, now let’s discover together the last phase to complete them.

Before opening the doors to relatives and friends, it is essential to order and clean our home to make it as welcoming and hospitable as possible.
After seeing how to remove all the objects that are scattered in the various rooms, which can give the idea of ​​negligence to guests, we understood how to have impeccable glazing, transparent and without halos; how to make well-frequented areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom well sanitized, finally we have seen how to treat the various fabrics that adorn our home.
At this point what is missing? Can we say that our home sweet home is ready to be decorated with warm Christmas colors and to welcome our loved ones?
Not really, we can say almost ready, in fact we can’t forget the last important step to do: floors cleaning!
This last essential phase will complete all pre-Christmas house cleaning.

Floor cleaning before Christmas

Perfectly clean floors may seem an obvious operation, however, it is not at all simple and trivial. Porcelain tiles, marble, ceramic, parquet, cotto… there are so many types of floors and consequently there are many methods and products to wash them.
Using the right products in an appropriate way is essential to take care of and make our floors shiny, sanitized and protected.
Let’s see how to clean the individual floors, because each has different needs, so before you immerse yourself in the latest decorations, lights, balls, Christmas stars, we suggest you read this handbook, where you will find useful advice, designed specifically for the care of the various floors.
Enjoy the reading!

Porcelain tile cleaning and maintenance

Porcelain tile is easy to clean and is also resistant to dirt and stains, thanks to the enameling that prevents the pigment of the stain from entering the pores of the tiles.
Enameling does not have a purely aesthetic function but also has a protective function for porcelain tile.
In any case, even porcelain tile must always be kept to be impeccable, so we recommend that you wash this flooring with POWER DETa concentrated descaling detergent, specifically designed to eliminate the most stubborn dirt on the hardest surfaces.
Another interesting product for porcelain tile is GRES LINDO, a product that:

  • eliminates dirt quickly and thoroughly;
  • it does not leave marks;
  • keeps the joints clean.


Cotto cleaning and maintenance

Cotto is a precious material that gives homes a charm of ancient beauty. It is a type of flooring that lasts over time, but its weak point is the absorption of liquids, due to its permeable surface. In order to face with the delicate but fascinating nature of cotto, we advise you to perform a specific cleaning with FLORA: a concentrated detergent which, thanks to the active substances present in its formula, guarantees a non-aggressive detergent action.
For very stubborn dirt, we recommend diluting FLORA detergent to 30% in hot water and rubbing with RED BUFFER. Once the cleaning has finished, to renew and preserve the protective and aesthetic characteristics of the treatment over time, we suggest you to use REFIX LUCIDO / MATT: an opaque maintenance wax for cotto, stone and agglomerate floors.


Cleaning and maintenance of painted parquet

To give our painted parquet vigour, shine and give it a natural effect, we suggest you try LIGNOLIFE  product: resin-waxy emulsion based on carnauba, specific for the protection and restoration of painted wooden surfaces. Before treatment with LIGNOLIFE, the parquet must be thoroughly cleaned. A very suitable product to intensively clean the wood is PULIBRILL: concentrated detergent for wooden floors, suitable for the extraordinary and ordinary non-aggressive cleaning of all wooden surfaces, painted or treated with oil and / or wax. A product that cleans and sanitizes the wooden surface. Another essential product to take care of your wooden floor is BEAUTY FLOOR: a wax for the maintenance of painted wood and parquet floors. Thanks to its components, BEAUTY FLOOR renews and protects over time the initial painting treatment of interior wooden floors. We recommend applying the wax 1-2 times a year.

Cleaning and maintenance of oiled parquet

Oiled parquet is more delicate than painted parquet because it’s not protected by paint. This type of parquet can be more exposed to damage from external agents, but thanks to the right care and the right products can be restored to its best. To give your parquet the lost beauty, we suggest you apply BIOCARE: a ready-to-use product, ideal for oil-treated floors, which renews and preserves over time the initial finishing treatment for indoor floors. For ordinary cleaning, use the delicate but concentrated detergent that does not attack the wood essence and the finish of the material: PULIBRILL.

Cleaning and maintenance of marble

Marble is a rock with a unique brightness and to preserve its natural characteristic it is necessary to know the right way of maintenance. Not everyone knows that marble absorbs liquids a lot, in fact a stain can mark the floor perpetually. To avoid these minor problems, which can become enormous if not promptly solved, you can rely on UNIPUL: a protective, concentrated and sanitizing detergentfor hard surfaces. UNIPUL is suitable for ordinary, degreasing and intense cleaning. It’s excellent for removing dirt without deteriorating the basic treatments of materials.
A tip: UNIPUL 30% diluted in water with WHITE BUFFER will be able to remove the dirt deposited in the microporosities.
Once the cleaning is finished, to make your marble even more shiny, you can apply a coat of POLIFIN: shiny anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher for stone materials.

Now you are ready to enjoy the house in all its splendor with your loved ones!

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