13 November 2015

Wet treatment of a limestone façade

The work was performed on a yellow limestone façade of a building in Lombardy shopping with our new product OIL WET warming water-oil repellent impregnationtotally without solvents, used to achieve a strong treatment “wet look” in lasting materials.

The main features of WET OIL are:

-can be applied on all absorbent stone materials such as stone, marble, granite, grits, synthetic agglomerate, and terracotta artifacts cement.

-Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


-Protection Form extremely chemical resistant to normal wear and weathering.

-Saturates the porosity of stone material without leaving surface of polymer film.

-Preserves a significant protection air permeability to steam and not browse n spellicola.

-Enhances the material enhances the color.

-Very low VOC content (<50g> -Odorless Product. UV stable product. Resistant to atmospheric agents and to micro-organisms (algae, fungi, etc.).

The State must work from the company:

Bertuzzi stone Treatments

Via Cacciatori 15-20090 Pantigliate (MI)

Tel: + 39 3,385,039,967


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