19 June 2015

Trattamento impregnante su pavimento esterno in legno di teak

The object of the intervention was the antidegrado treatment of teak Plank Flooring made outside a newly built villa in Forte dei Marmi (LU). More precisely the floors (with total area of about 100 sq m) form the edge of an outdoor swimming pool and the floor area of a porch

The aim of treatment was the impregnation of wood flooring to give the sporcabilit resistance, ease of cleaning and protection antidegrado. To treat the product chosen ORC STAIN new water-based protective by nature “hybrid” oleo-resino-waxy.

This deeply impregnates the wood product conferendoli strong water repellency and weather resistance, “warm” tone and without creating superficial films and shiny thick ORC STAIN was applied by brush in two steps, thanks to rapidit drying, have been applied in a single day.

Video of speech

The work was performed by the company:

D FLOORS Via della Pace, 29010 Cadeo 16 of Fontanafredda (Piacenza)


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