1 October 2021

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How to clean and recover cement tiles

How to recover and maintain a beautiful cement tiles floor?
Clean and recover a cement tile floor

30 September 2021

The best work of the month

Restoration external stone surfaces

21 September 2021

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How to protect external surfaces for the winter

The external surfaces could be damaged during the winter: here's how to avoid them with Marbec!
How to protect external surfaces

3 September 2021

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Remove oil stains from surfaces

How to remove oil and animal and/or vegetable fat stains on cotto, stone, concrete and stone material
How to remove oil stains from floors

31 August 2021

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Tips for cleaning up after your holiday perfectly!

Is it true that the empty house does not get dirty? Not really. Here are our tips for freshening up after a period of absence.
Cleaning house after the holiday

30 August 2021

The best work of the month

Best job of the month: polishing the portoro marble

We tell you how the Renovoart professionals have restored shine to the delicate portoro tiles, which have become very fashionable lately, thanks to the use of Marbec products
How to polish portoro marble

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