19 October 2020

The council of expert

How can you remove rust from marble?

Have you noticed small, reddish spots on your beautiful marble floor? Do not worry, there is always a solution. Discover it now.

13 October 2020

The best work of the month

A useful exterior wood treatment is the best job of the month

Is your exterior wood cracked and graying? Discover immediately an external wood treatment that will make it shine like new.

8 October 2020

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Cotto wax remover: how to recover an old stained floor?

Cotto floors require a careful maintenance. Today we are going to discover how to eliminate the old deteriorated treatments and renew the original beauty of this material.
cotto wax remover

29 September 2020

5 things to know

Can mold be removed from walls permanently?

If you are looking for a method to get rid of mold from walls permanently, follow our 5 foolproof tips and your walls will be clean and protected again.

23 September 2020

The council of expert

How to remove the oil from the floor?

There are many methods to remove oil stains from stone floors, find out how to remove oil from the floor quickly.
How to remove the oil from the floor?

15 September 2020

The best work of the month

Best job of the month: how to clean Botticino marble without damaging it

The best job of the month leads us to discover a wonderful Botticino marble floor recovered by talented Tuscan artisans.

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