26 March 2020

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How to clean and disinfect your home perfectly?

Cleaning and disinfecting the home is very important, especially in this sensitive time.
disinfettare-casa disinfect home

17 March 2020

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4 porcelain floor tiles: how to clean and maintain them over time

The cleaning of porcelain floor tiles is very simple but let's remember that specific treatments can maintain their beauty over time.
porcelain floor tiles

9 March 2020

The best work of the month

The best work of the month: how to maintain outdoor cotto over time

Let's discover valuable tips and useful precautions to protect and maintain the beauty of outdoor cotto over time.
cotto-per-esterni outdoor cotto

3 March 2020

The council of expert

For a clean and healthy home: always choose a professional sanitizer

Living in a clean environment is important for healthy living. Find out why choosing a sanitizer becomes indispensable to make your home safe.
igienizzante sanitizer

24 February 2020

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An effective anti-humidity treatment

Rising humidity is a very annoying problem. Let's find out why it is formed and what to do to fight it.
anti-umidità anti-humidity

17 February 2020

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From stainless steel to marble: Marbec products conquer the Orient!

A special collaboration has brought our professional products for the treatment and cleaning of surfaces to Taiwan.
acciaio-inossidabile stainless steel

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