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MARBEC srl is an Italian company founded in 2002, from experience and profound technical knowledge, gained in the chemical industry, for the cleaning and the treatment of floors, walls and more. Over the years the company has had the opportunity to grow and expand the range of professional cleaning products such as our nautical line and industrial products, designed for the specific needs of manufacturers.

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Why choose Marbec? Because the philosophy of Marbec is not limited to the simple sale, but seeks the full satisfaction of the client, solving his problems, listening to his needs and teaching him on the nature of the materials and possible solutions. The customer is followed along his entire path and always comes out satisfied.

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One of our strengths, which distinguishes us from many other companies, is undoubtedly the technical-commercial assistance: we answer to all requests, within a few hours, without obligation to purchase and even for advice only, through telephone, email and messaging channels in your language.

We have all the products to clean your home!

Marbec’s home cleaning products differ from the competition thanks to a high technical approach of the product, originally thought up only for professionals in the sector.

Our products are able to satisfy all the people who must have to do with the cleaning of household items. Marbec offers a wide range of household cleaning products for any kind of surfaces and needs.

The quality of our laboratories allows you to have excellent products that are not diluted as unfortunately do many very well known companies.

The vision of our company is oriented towards the professional and we have recently decided to turn to those who need to have products for the cleaning of the house of superior quality, which allow a greater care of all the elements that surround our home and therefore to our life. Let’s discover all the most suitable products for cleaning the house we offer you. Once tried you won’t go back, this is for sure!

How to clean and treat porcelain tiles

Porcelain Tiles is one of the most used materials in modern building.

Particularly used as a covering material, the porcelain tile stands out for its characteristic resistance to wear over time, to atmospheric agents and to abrasions, as well as being hygienic and with a great aesthetic impact, therefore also suitable for covering surfaces of activities open to the public.
In short, the advantages of using Porcelain tiles are many, but we must also remember that its maintenance, although not too complicated or demanding, requires some small precautions and especially the use of specific products to use at the best this beautiful material.
In fact, to choose for non-specific solutions could accentuate stains, haloes or opacities instead of solving the problem, while with the right products for the treatment and cleaning of porcelain tiles you can keep intact all the qualities of the surfaces over time!

We offer you the perfect solution for cleaning and treatment of cotto!

Cotto is a material with very ancient origins, which has now become the icon of the bucolic Tuscan villa, and today it’s coming back more and more in use.

The treatment of cotto is in many ways a real art, the cotto should be considered a semi-finished material and is often used, as well as for floors, also to cover structures such as walls, various walls, ceilings, pool edges and even as decorations. So, the cleaning of the cotto is a fundamental action to facilitate the maintenance and integrity of all cotto surfaces.

We therefore speak of specific products for indoor treatment of cotto and of products that concern the cleaning of cotto outdoor. Like all terracottas, cotto is able to give a special touch to your home, that’s why it is increasingly used and that’s why its care and cleaning are elements that can not be neglected, in particular the choice of products suitable for the treatment of cotto, is fundamental. Marbec offers you a wide selection of products, discover them all!

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15 February 2019

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8 February 2019

Protection of cement tiles – the most beautiful work of January second part

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