Trattamento lucidante per marmo duro e impuro e agglomerato cementizio


On all types of marbles also hard and with impurities (as "green" marbles), grits, marble chips floor tiles and other cement agglomerates.



- It maintains the natural look of the material.

- It gives sparkless to the surface without making films.

- It makes surfaces little permeable to water and dirt making easier following operations of cleaning and maintenance.

Firstly wash the surface taking care to eliminate all the dirt. Proceed working 1-2 meters at a time for some minute. After the crystallization/polishing of all the surface, clean it with a neutral detergent solution (ex. UNIPUL diluted  5% in water).

It is suggested to consult carefully TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS of the used products


- Generally 1 kg / 30-40 sqm