Trattamento legno interno | Trattamento impregnante rapido


On all types of floor and covering in wood and parquet placed inside


For the impregnating treatment when there is the necessity of a faster drying of the oil (ex. in cold and humid environments) and when we want to use pigments.


- It does not form superficial resinous films.

- It keeps the "natural character" of the wooden surface.

- Treatment of easy maintenance.

- Excellent resistance to water and stains.

- Treatment of easy regeneration without the necessity of sandpaperings.

On oily and or very compact woods, it is suggested to apply the impregnating OLIO TECNO properly diluted with DILUOIL because the action of the solvent makes easier the impregnation of these essences.

It is suggested to read TECHNICAL SHEETS of products


- on absorbent woods 1 lt / 15-20 sqm

- on few absorbent woods 1 lt / 20-30 sqm


- 1 lt / 30-40 sqm


- 1 lt / 15-30 sqm

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