Trattamento legno interno | Trattamento effetto invecchiato


On floors, coverings, furnitures and doors placed inside and in all types of wooden essences. Particularly indicated on woods in Oak and Larch. 


To give protection and aged effects of wooden essences.


- It does not form superficial resinous films.

- Easy application.

- Treatment easy to maintain and renewable in time.

- Excellent resistance to water and spots.

- Treatment easy to regenerate without the necessity of sandapering.


Spread OX-FIVE PLUS (or OX-FIVE) on the surface with paint brush/fleece wax applicator/spray (avoid the nebulization) homogeneously without making excesses of product. The aging action is progressive until the material is not dry (6-12 hours). Eliminate the defibration of the wood that is formed after the application of OX-FIVE PLUS using an abrasive paper or little net of fine grain (ex.: 100).

Choice of the finishing:

- on surfaces with a lot of traffic (ex. shops, offices) where it is necessary a frequent periodical maintenance, it is suggested to use the finisher LIGNOLUX.

- on surfaces with a normal traffic and where it is requested the maximum resistance to water, spots and the maximum facility of maintenance (house, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) it is suggested to use the finisher BIOTOP.

The complete consolidation of the treatment is obtained in about one week.

It is suggested to read always TECHINCAL SHEETS of products.



- 1lt / 8-13 sqm


- on absorbent woods 1 lt / 15-20 sqm

- on few absorbent woods 1 lt / 20-30 sqm


- 1 lt / 20-30 sqm


- 1 lt / 15-30 sqm

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