Trattamento legno interno | Trattamento effetto cerato


On all types of floors, furnitures and fences in wood and parquet rough placed inside. 


To give a protection with aesthetic personalised unique effects on the surface in wood.


- Waxy "velvety" effect of the surface.

- It does not form superficial resinous films.

- Transparent pigmented not covering effect.

- Possibility of regeneration of the treatment without the necessity of sandpaperings.


The pigmented effect strictly depends on the capacity of absorption of the wooden essence and on its superficial finishing (more or less thin smoothing). It is suggested to make a test of coloration. The quantity of pigment to add to products is indicated in the technical sheets of them.

It is always suggested to read TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products


- on absorbent woods 1 lt / 10-15 sqm

- on few absorbent woods 1 lt / 15-20 sqm


- 1 lt / 25-30 sqm

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