Trattamento agglomerato interno | Trattamento per superfici compatte e lucide


On all tyoes of floors in grit or compact, few absorbant polished or smooth palladian, placed inside. 


To make an high resistance against stains and dirt treatment, leaving a total naturalness to the material.



- Excellent resistance to washings.

- It does not become yellow.

- Easily periodically recoverable protection at home.


GUARD is an impregnating antistain protectivethat makes easy the cleaning of surfaces from the stains of normal daily use, except for acid substances. These substances leave corrosions of the surface (opaque halos) and not halos from absorption (stains). Always apply LUXOR in small doses respecting the indicated consumptions. Distribute the product on the surface rubbing with a soft cloth until the complete absorption and polishing of the material.  

It is always suggested to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.



- 1lt/20 -30 sqm


- 1lt/> 30 -50 sqm