Trattamento pietra esterna | Trattamento antimuschio antidegrado


On all types of floors and coverings in marble, granite and every calcareous or sandstone stone.  


To make an anti-degradation, anti-stain treatment and drastically reduce the formation of efflorescences, incrustations, molds, algaes on the surface and to drastically oppose the accumulation of the dirt in the porosities of the material.



- High resistance against atmospheric agents. 

- It drastically reduces the possibility of stain and dirt of the material and makes easier the cleaning in the periodic maintenance. 

- It does not become yellow in time.

- It does not forms thick films, it does not create "vetrified" looks on the material.


To eliminate possible halos and whitenings caused by the TON 25 anACTIV 3 on the surface of the material: remove them before the drying.

It is suggested to read TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.

TON 25:

- 1lt/6-12 sqm


- 1lt/8-15 sqm

PAV 05:

- 1lt/12-15 sqm