Trattamento cotto esterno | Trattamento antimuschio antidegrado


On all types of floors and coverings in cotto, terracotta, klinker of any type and superficial finishing.



To make an antidegradation and antistain treatment and to reduce drastically the formation of efflorescences, encrustations, molds, algaes on the surface and to drastically fight the accumulation of the dirt in the porosities of the material.



- High resistance against atmospheric agents. 

- It drastically reduces the stainability and dirtiness of the materials making easier the cleaning in the periodic maintenance.

- It does not become yellow in time.

- It does not form thick films, it does not create "vitrified" looks on the material.  


TIM can be applied also on uniformly humid surfaces few hours from the washing. During the good season, PAV 05 can be applied after 6-12 hours from the application of TIM. On high absorption materials apply 2 coats of TIM. To eliminate possible haloes and whitenings caused by the rain or the irrigation it is suggested to cleanse the surfacve with DELICACID diluted in water.  

Avoid to leave excesses of IDROTON on the surface of the material: remove before the drying. 

It is suggested to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.



- 1lt/4-12 sqm


-1lt/10-15 sqm

PAV 05:

- 1lt/7-10 sqm

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