Manutenzione cotto | Pulizia straordinaria per la rimozione dello sporco


On all types of floors and coverings in cotto and terracotta, klinker.  



To clean and remove from floors and coverings in cotto the hard to remove anchored dirt from surfaces and in the joints or for the partial dewaxing in the regeneration of old treatments.


- It cleans deeply old treatments without their complete removal. 

- Not corrosive, not dangerous. 

- It can be used also for the intervention in inhabited places. 


Use UNIPUL pure only to remove particularly stratified and dirty treatments; in all the other cases, use UNIPUL diluted 1:1 in water or more.

It is suggested to make a preliminar test to verify the resistance of the material to be cleaned to acid substances and read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the used products.


- pure: 1lt/7 -10 sqm

- diluted: depending on the concentration of use.