Pulizia pietra | Pulizia sfilmante per la rimozione dei trattamenti a base di resine e colle


On all types of floors and coverings in natural stone.


For the removal of old treatments based on resins and paints from floors and coverings in cotto.



- High power of dissolution of polymeric films. 

- Easy to use, rinse and remove also on high absorbent materials. 

- It does not leave unpleasant persistent odours in the environment. 

- Low dangerousness for man and environment. 


Let SOLVALL act for at least 10-30 minutes (until a max of 8-10 hours) before proceed with the mìechanocal action with discs or pads more or less abrasive. It is suggested to take care to remove the residue of washing from joints.

On delicate and not resistant to acids materials (ex. polished marbles and grits, black slate "lavagna"), remove SOLVALL only with a lot of water and avoid the acid passage.

It is suggested to make a preliminar test to verify the resistance of the material to be cleaned to acid substances and to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.



- 1lt/ 5- 10 sqm


-  1lt/ 6 -10 sqm

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