Pulizia agglomerato | Pulizia disincrostante per la rimozione dello sporco di cantiere


 On all types of floors and coverings in cement agglomerate, cas: grits cementine, betonelle, palladian and self-blockings. 


 To clean and remove from surfaces:

- Efflorescences and limestone incrustations.

- Cement residues of laying.

- Residues of lime painting.

- Residues of plasterworks.


- Not acid descaling degreasing action.

- It does not smoke or develop toxic fumes.


Use only the degreaser detergent SGRISER on cement agglomerates, to make the descaling wash. It is suggested to absolutely not use acid detergent to clean cement agglomerates. Acid detergents corrode the surface.

It is suggested to read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


- for strong washes 1 lt / 4-8 sqm.

- for normal washes 1 lt / 10-15 sqm.