Manutenzione gres porcellanato | Pulizia ordinaria e conservazione delle superfici microporose


On all floors and coverings in porcelain stoneware and microporous materials.


The ordinary cleaning and detergence must be made with products specifics for the porcelain stoneware.

The maintenance and the protection is suggested when the surface starts to get dirty easily.

Periodicity of use:

- every 1-2 months: on intensely trampled and subject to a strong wear surfaces (shops, public places, offices, kitchens, bar, restaurants, ...).

- every 4-6 months: on surfaces with a moderate use (entrances, bathrooms, ...).

- every 6-12 months: on surfaces with lower use (sleeping area, ...).


The correct execution of these maintenance rules ensure the preservation in time of the aesthetic and protective features of the material, without the necessity of periodical and challenging extraordinary washings.


Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products that are used.


Ordinary cleaning: pour a coffe glass of GRES LINDO in about 4 lt of water (possibly hot water) and pass on the surface with a cloth, mop.


1 lt / 30-60 sqm.