Trattamento pietra interna | Trattamento antipolvere


On floors and coverings in sanded, brushed, ... natural stone (ex. at ceiling, a wall, archs, ...). 


To eliminate the superficial dusting of each stone material inside, after re-cleaning operations (eg sandblasting, scraping, brushing) or to avoid the superficial dusting of insustrial floorings.


- Light tonalisation of the material.

 - Anti-dust no film protection.

- Excellent binder power of superficial regrouping (anti-dust). 

- Easy to apply on all surfaces, also in the pigmented version.


On few absorbent materials or materials with scarce superficial dusting and on plasters, PRIMAMANO can be used diluted in water till 1:1. If there the risk of rising damp, it is suggested the application of one coat of TIM before the PRIMAMANO. 

Read carefully TECHNICAL SHEETS of the products.


- on absorbent materials 1lt/8-12 sqm

- on compact materials 1lt/15-20 sqm


- 1lt/12-18 sqm