Nautical detergent for sails

Cleaner for white and colored sails in nylon, kevlar, acrylic, dacron, k and other sail materials. Ideal also for cleaning awnings, covers and sails, etc.

CHARACTERISTICS: Special cleaner for the professional need of sailors. Quickly removes molds, salt smogs, excrements etc. from the sails of the boats, restoring their original color and brilliance. It does not weaken the fibers and does not ruin the colors of the sails. The product is eco-compatible and is readily biodegradable. Low foaming.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: product ready to use. Spray VELABIANCA on the surface to be treated and wait for a few minutes. Wipe the surface with a sponge or nylon brush until the full spraying is removed. Rinse with water.
YIELD: depending on the dirt

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