Protective water-oil repellent for stone materials

Specific product for stone, brick, concrete and stone materaili typically compact and not very absorbent routed inside and outside. Does not change the color and appearance of the material and not form films.

FEATURES AND USE: on all low absorbent stone materials and polished or smooth surface with absorbent (eg. Diorite, Cardoso, fine-grained calcareous stones, Cotto) laid in interior and exterior. Does not change the appearance and color of the material. Not supeficiale film form.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The product is used pure and dry surfaces in: 1 hand on compact shiny materials (marble and granite); 2 hands of more absorbent materials. It is applied by spray or brush (on small surfaces), distributing it evenly over the surface to create a "veil" wet. Do not rub and avoid foaming. During the drying stage, to remove excesses of product rilucidando the surface with a cloth or soft disk moistened ACTIV 3. Normally ACTIV3 dries in 3 - 4 hours in dell'areazione function. The application of the second coat should be performed as soon as the first is dry on the surface. Do not use on hot surfaces (> 30 ° C).

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