Bi-component resin of the finish on resin coatings

Resin product bi-component aliphatic polyurethane. Versions: transparent, neutral colored.

Characteristics and use: is used as a finishing layer on the resin coatings to increase the chemical resistance to wear, as well as ensure a pleasant aesthetic appearance. It also has an excellent resistance to the aggression of the external environment while maintaining over time its brilliance.
Instructions for Use: surfaces must be dry, clean, free from oils and fats. The product shall apply on funds compatible, generally epoxy or polyurethane or epossipoliuretanici after light sanding if exceeded the maximum time of coating provided. In order to obtain a film very closed and therefore to maximize the characteristics of chemical resistance, the product should be applied by spray or brush.unless there are aesthetic requirements very stringent applies to Pile Roller short for polyurethanes. Applies to crossing the rolled. Mix perfectly all the material (base and hardener) with the maximum care that against the walls and the bottom of the container does not remain parts of product not well mixed.
Yield: consumption of dough 0.250 kg/m2 diluted.

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