Stain remover for the removal of organic stains colored stone materials

Ready to use product quickly removes the stain of: coffee. wine, fruit, blood and urine tannin from the surfaces in terracotta, stone, cement porcelain stoneware, etc.

CARATTESRISTICHE AND USE: on all stone surfaces as : natural stone, terracotta tiles and bricks, cement, synthetic agglomerate, porcelain stoneware, klinker, etc.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Spread the product up to entirely cover the stain. Leave the time necessary for removal of the Stain (from a few minutes up to several hours). Rinse with water. Repeat the application if necessary. Protect the metal surfaces. Do not apply on metals and on surfaces too hot.
Yield : in function of the absorption of the material: with 250 ml approximately 1-2mq of surface.

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