Aging solution with controlled action for wood

Aged specific product for oak and chestnut, compatible with subsequent paint and oil finishes.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: aging the wood surface without causing strong and unhealthy inscriptions of wood essences. Non-hazardous product for safe use in all construction site situations. It does not leave residues on the wooden surface. Allows application of any finishing (varnishing, waxing, impregnation).
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: dispose OX-FIVE on the surface with spray paint / spray (avoid spraying) following the absorption of wood. The aging action is progressive until the material is dry. Eliminate the wood sculpture that is formed after applying OX-FIVE using an abrasive paper or grid (eg Grana 100-120). The intensity and end result of aging is a function of the type of wood essence and may vary, for the same wood, from element to element (strips, tablets, beams, etc.). It is therefore advisable to perform sufficiently representative sampling of the finished product.
YIELD: depending on the wood absorption 1 lt / 8-12 sqm.