Self-leveling epoxy two-component water-based

Description: Two-component self-levelling epoxy resin under water.

Fields of application: It is used to make softwood floor self-levelling coatings continue, raincoats, with excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, chemical and weathering agents, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Performance: Compressive strength ASTM D695 > 50 N/mm2 ASTM D695 compression Module 2,200 N/mm2 about tensile breaking load ISO R527 > 18N/mm2 elongation tensile Module 2% ISO R527 1500N/mm2 flexural elastic modulus about UNI 7219 approximately 480 N/mm2.

Directions for use: The preparation of surfaces should be carried out by blasting (peening) recovery, Bush-hammering, milling, SECO-do the same conditions. IMPERPAV always applies on dry, clean, free from oil, grease and old paintings. IMPERPAV applies normally on suitable adhesion promoter according to the nature, conditions of support and sovrapponibilit times. The product applies, with American-type toothed spatula to check thickness made after the mixing with hardener. The product must be mixed with quartz aggregates in inert resin ratio 100: 70. The application of low thickness, or tem-low temperatures, can apply for reduced quantities of Quartz. It is possible to apply the roller product, in this case need to dilute it with 3-5% of denatured alcohol. The neutral version can be colored with pigment pastes 0.900 KG to 19.10 (A + B) of neutral IMPERPAV. The application of thin layers some colours (e.g. yellow, Orange, purple, etc.) must be sovradosate 1.8 Kg per IMPERPAV's why you 19.10 can have a little opaque effect.

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