Stain remover for oxidation patinas on stone materials 

Concentrated powderd extractor for the removal of oxidation patinas from stone materials exposed to weathering, renewing the look. It’s the ideal for extractive compresses, for a long and deep removal of rust stains and metallic oxides, penetrated in stone materials.

RETROCHARACTERISTICS AND USE: Deossida is a specific extractor for compresses. We can use it for a deep removal of oxidation patinas caused by the ageing process of the material, rust stains, other metallic oxides for surfaces, stones, terracotta, cement, cinder and synthetic agglomeration and other stone sorbent materials, except calcareous stones with shiny surfaces (ex. Marble).
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: knead with water before the use and mix until it forms a paste. Apply the product with a spatula, taking care to leave a coat of 2-3 mm of DEOSSIDA on the surface to clean. In case of removal of stains we recommend, if necessary, to cover the compress with a sheet of plastic (ex. film), to retard water evaporation. Leave drying the compress before of his dry removal with a nylon or sorghum brush. At the end rinse with a lot of water. If necessary, repeat the application.
YIELD: on the average with a 1kg of paste (about 300 gr of dust) we can cover about 1mq of surface.
PACKAGING: 250gr - 1kg