Stain remover for the removal of oxidation coatings on stone materials

Product to remove the patina of oxidation of many stones exposed to atmospheric agents, renewing the appearance. Ideal for extractive compresses to a long and deep capabilities of removing rust stains and metal oxides penetrated the material.

FEATURES AND USE: on all surfaces and stone artefacts stones, Cotto, cement, synthetic agglomerates and other absorbent stone materials, with the exception of limestone with shiny surfaces (eg. Marmi).
INSTRUCTIONS: Product to be mixed with water before use and mix until it forms a paste. Proceed with the application of the product with a spatula or plastic scoop, taking care to leave a layer of 2-3 mm deoxidizes on the surface to be cleaned. In case of removal of stains is recommended, if necessary, to cover the wrap with a sheet of plastic material (eg. Soft tape or Domopack) so as to slow the evaporation of water. Allow to dry the pack prior to its removal Dry with a nylon brush or broom. Finally, rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, repeat the application.

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