Rust Stain Remover for stone materials

Product specific cleaner for the removal of rust stains and metal oxides by stone materials. It does not contain acids and can also be used on polished calcareous materials.

FEATURES AND USE: for delicate surfaces such as marble and travertine polished, polished and grits Slates. It can also be used on all other stone materials (Cotto, Cement, Ceramic Materials, etc.). It does not contain acids.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: ready to use product. Proceed with the application of rust-removal LIQUID with a trowel, shovel or brush making sure to leave a generous layer of product on the stain to remove. Let the product as long as the reaction for rust removal is not successful (the product will take on a purplish color); the time required for the reaction depends on the type of material. After successful reaction, you must remove the product within 10-15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary.