Stain remover cleaner for colored organic matter (wine, coffee, futta, etc.)

Product high effectiveness stain remover for the removal of oxidizable colored spots. It removes stains from stone materials: coffee, wine, juice, food residues typically, blood, urine and tannin.

FEATURES AND USE: of Natural Stone, Cotto, Cement, grits, Agglomerates Synthetics, Ceramics.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: product to be dissolved in water before use and mix until it forms a paste. Do not use metal containers. Proceed with the application of the product with a spatula or plastic scoop, taking care to leave a layer of 2-3 mm SMACCHIO on the stain to remove. If necessary, the extractive duration of the action can be increased by covering the wrap with a sheet of plastic material (eg. Soft tape or Domopack). Allow to dry the pack prior to its removal Dry with nylon brush or broom. Finally, rinse with plenty of water. Control when removing the stain and repeat the application if necessary. Protect metal surfaces.

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