Cleaner of aged wood and stain remover of tannin

Intensive cleaner product for the removal of ageing's patina (becoming grey) of woods placed outside. It removes stains and halos of tannin.

CHARACTERISTICS AND FIELD OF USE: cleaner/renewing of old surfaces and woods in exterior (floorings, sidings, furnitures for gardens, ...). As specific stain remover of tannin on treated (oiled or painted) or rough surfaces in wood indoor.  
INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: shake before use. Remove before paints, oils, waxes from wood. Apply the product with plastic sprayers (avoid nebulize the product), brush, sponge, soft cloth. Keep the surface wet for 20–30 minutes; if necessary, reapply the product. Rub the surface with medium hard buffers or nylon brushes. Rinse thoroughly with water and let it dry. Repeat the application if it is necessary. It is very important to wait favourable environmental conditions for optimal drying of wood before to apply any new protection. SMACCHIO LEGNO is not a paint remover or a wax remover and it doesn't remove layers of paints, primers, oils, waxes.
PACKAGING: 1  lt - 5 lt.

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