Extra strong degreaser detergent

Product that breaks up and easily removes residues, grease, soot from cooking ovens, barbecues, fireplaces, stoves, pans and pots.

Characteristics and use: product for easy cleaning, degreasing, ovens and deep discrostante, grills, barbecues, pans, stoves, fireplaces, grills, etc. Odorless, does not foam and solvent-free.
Instructions for use: ready to use: Use in cold surfeces. Sprinkle onto surface to clean/degrease, wait a few minutes and rub the surface with rough sponge or nylon brush. Rinse with warm water.
N.b.: in case of heavy soiling increase the contact time of PULI smoke with the surface to be cleaned. Do not use PULI smoke on self-cleaning, microwave ovens and aluminum surfaces.