Protective detergent descaler brightener

Product which forms a protective film invisible by preventing the re-deposited of limestone and soap residues. Leaving the material more bright and clean.

Characteristics and use: for periodic cleaning of the surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens frequently wetted by water (glasses, showers, health, washbasin, mirrors, bathtubs, taps, etc.) in ceramic, metal (stainless steel and chrome) glass and plastic laminate. Do not use on calcareous stones shining (e.g. marble and travertine), grits and black slates. Do not mix with bleach attacks the limestone left in the water without the need to rub, creating a protective film invisible on the material that prevents the re-deposited in limestone and soap residues. Leave the materials more clean and bright.
Instructions For USE: Spray the product on the surface clean. Leave a few minutes and rinse with water, without rubbing.
N.B.: In the periodic use, spray the product directly on the surface still wet by the water (e.g. after the shower), leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse with water. Do not rub and does not dry out. In the case of surfaces with strong calcareous incrustations persistent, removing them with healthy-KAL before use SHOWER brill.
Yield: indicatively 1 lt/ 40-50 sqm.