Decrusting detergent acid for hard stones containing ferrous minerals

Cleaning product for the removal of efflorescence, cement residue, rust stains and calcareous incrustations on hard stones natural mineral containing ferrous (granites, porphyries , quartzites)

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: cleaner specific acid for the descaling of stone materials resistant to acids and susceptible to yellowing (granite, crystalline schists). Inhibits the oxidation of the ferrous minerals contained in the stone material avoiding the formation of halos and yellow dots. Removes residues of the cementitious, efflorescence and calcareous encrustations. Does not contain hydrochloric acid. Removes halos and small deposits of surface rust from stone materials (terracotta and stone).

INSTRIONS FOR USE: You can use either pure or diluted in water. The concentration of use must be determined in each situation in function of the type of soil, by the quantity of residues to be removed and the nature of the material. For this purpose, it may be useful to perform preliminary tests of washing.