Diluent Cleaner with D-Limonene Solvent product for cleaning wooden surfaces.

Diluent for oleo-ceramic impregnants. It does not leave any vines on the wood.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: AGRUMOIL is a solvent mixture in D-LIMONENE for cleaning wood surfaces and not dirty with greasy or soot. Ideal for degreasing surfaces in resinous wood or for removal of surplus waxy impregnated oils applied on all surfaces. Diluent for TIROIL, OIL 41, FLUOIL, TUSCANY OIL; It facilitates their absorption into low-absorbing materials. It does not leave edges and does not stain the wood essence.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Spread AGRUMOIL on the surface and allow it to work for a few minutes. Wipe the surface with a single-spatula / buffer with mesio-hard fiber. Aspirate or remove residues.
YIELD: Depending on the consistency of the dirt to be removed or the degree of dilution desired.