Detergent cleaner for leakages of the coatings

Product that thoroughly removes dirt in the leakages of floors and ceramic coatings and porcelain stoneware, glass mosaics and klinker, without damaging the materials.

Characteristics and use: product for cleaning of leakages of floor and wall coverings in ceramic material, eliminating the blackening due to dirt accumulated over time. Effectively removes grease, the stains left from food and the inorganic soil caused by walked, restoring the original appearance of the material. It does not damage the ceramic tiles and contains neither acids nor bleach.

Instructions For USE: Spray the product directly on the flight from clean. Leave a few minutes and then rub the escape with brush/brushes made of nylon or with abrasive sponge. Rinse well with water.

Yield: on average for tiles of 30x30 1 lt/ 40-50 sqm.