Stripper universal quick for floors

Product for rapid removal of old films of synthetic waxs. Specific for PVC, rubber and linoleum; can also be used on stone materials.

Characteristics and use: stripper/universal sfilmante to fast action to remove old layers of metallic wax and various polymers. It is suitable for all floors but thanks to its specific formulation can be used with safety on the resilient materials without affecting the integrity. Does not contain inorganic alkalis. Does not require acid neutralization nor abundant rinse. Low schiumogeneità. Not releasing unpleasant odors during use and in environments.
Instructions for Use: You can use either pure or diluted in water, in function of the typology of the dirt to be removed and the cleaning technique adopted. Spread the product thoroughly wetting the surface and let it act 10-15 minutes. Proceed for small areas (10-15 sqm). Wipe the surface with pads or discs in palstiche fibers. Remove the residues of the dewaxing and go with a clean mop; it is not necessary to rinse. Do not leave to dry the old layers of wax dissolved from the stripper.
Consumption: it uses indicatively: