Detergent alkali stripper solvent strong for stone materials

Cleaning product stripper strong degreasing decrusting and stone materials. Removes in depth the old treatments in oil and/or wax on terracotta, stone, concrete, grit, etc.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: for washing the stripper-degreased strong on all the stone materials (brick, stone, enamelled ceramics, Klinker, stoneware, cement, grit, etc.). You use on the terracotta as preliminary washing to that acid to facilitate the removal of the "dark spots" by sulphation. SGRISER leaves no nor harmful residues in the absorbent material, nor unpleasant odors during use and in environments. Do not use on wood, linoleum, rubber and PVC. Protect the painted surfaces and in anodized aluminum from contact with SGRISER.


You can use either pure or diluted in water.

Spread the product on the surface and leave it to act at least 10 - 20 minutes. Wipe the surface with pads or discs in plastics fibers or with brushes made of nylon; to remove substantial oily residues, can be useful to allow SGRISER dried on the surface. Do not use the equipment in the plant material or animal. Repeat the wash if necessary. The surfaces are resistant to acids, neutralize with acidic aqueous solution. For other more delicate materials, always rinse with plenty of water.