Quick wax remover cleaner for stone materials

Product alkaline wax remover for the quick removal of old layers of synthetic/matallic waxes  and various polymers. It does not contain caustic soda; low foaming.

FEATURES AND USE: for stripper-strong sfilmante washing of all stone materials (Cotto, Stone, glazed ceramics, clinker, stoneware, cement, grits, etc.). No need for acid neutralization. It leaves no odor during use and environments; low schiumogeneità. Do not use on wood, linoleum, rubber and PVC. Protect the painted surfaces and anodized aluminum from contact with METAL-STRIP.

INSTRUCTIONS: can be used pure or diluted in water.

Apply the product wetting the surface thoroughly and let it act 5/10 minutes. Proceed for small areas (10-15 square meters). Scrub the surface with pads or discs in plastic fibers. Remove residues of the dewaxing and rinse with water. Do not let dry the old layers of wax dissolved by the stripper.



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