Degreasing detergent nautical multipurpose nautical

Cleaner for cleaning: gelacoat, rafts, plastics, SKAI, fenders, PVC, aluminum and other metals

Characteristics: Cleaner detergent professional degreaser concentrate for the removal of the dirt even the most obstinate accumulated on the surfaces of boats and rafts. Removes dust, oily film, grease and organic residues from the external surfaces renewing the color and leaving them clean and without residues greasy. Easy rinsing and leaves no rows or halos. High biodegradability.
Instructions for Use:
Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned and let it act for a few seconds (dirty light) or for a few minutes (heavy dirt). Wipe the surface with a sponge, soft cloth or microfiber cloth until the removal of the dirt. Rinse with water.
Yield: 1lt / 20-30 mq

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