Protective fluorinated oil repellent for stone materials

Impregnating product antistain/antigraffiti for universal use on any type of stone material placed in the inside and the outside.

Characteristics and use: on all the stone materials absorbents such as terracotta, stone, cement agglomerate, ceramic flooring and wall coating in the inside and the outside. Facilitates the cleaning up of the absorbent material from dirt and stains. Does not alter the appearance and the color tone of the material. Does not form surface films and form an invisible protection.
Instructions for Use: Ready to use. Apply the product on dry surfaces. ANTISTAIN applies to spray or brush (on small surfaces), distributing it evenly on the surface up to create a "veil" wet. Blot any excess during the drying stage. Do not rub decidedly in order to avoid the formation of foam. Any excess product after drying must be removed massaging with a cloth moistened with ANTISTAIN the surface. Normally dries in 1-2 hours in function of aeration.
- on marbles, granites, klinker and other materials little absorbent 1 lt / 15-20 mq;
- on cooked,stones, grits, cements and other absorbent materials 1 lt 6-10 mq.