Impregnant oleo-waxy for wood floors external

Protective product oleo-specific waxy for the protection of wood floors located outside. Penetrates into the porosity of the fibers without creating surface films. Leave unaltered the appearance of natural wood. Easy to maintain, does not require ricarteggiatura of wood.

Characteristics and use: applies on all wooden surfaces pre-oiled or rough on the outside (floors, coatings, structures, fencing). Does not form surface films.
Instructions for Use: Shake well oil 41 before use. The product uses pure or diluted with AGRUMOIL DILUOIL or. On the pavement, distribute oil 41 with fleece spandicera homogeneously wetting the surface following the absorption capacity of the wood. After about 20-30 minutes remove excesses of product from the surface by wiping with a soft cloth/soft brush. Oil 41 applies in a passage on essences already oily or compact (es. teak, Iroko, Ipè) and in two steps on essences more absorbent. The optional second hand applies as soon as the first is dry (12-24 hours). On surfaces not walkable, apply oil 41 with spandicera fleece, brush or soft cloth wetting homogeneously the surface without leaving excesses. After 20-30 minutes dab excesses uniforming the absorption with soft cloth or by reviewing the surface with a soft brush. Polish with brushes or soft cloth surface after drying (12-24 hours). Oil 41 can be applied also to spray taking care to standardize any excesses. In the case of superficial excesses dried (glossy film) remove them by rubbing the surface with DILUOIL and cloth or soft brush.

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