Anti-degradable oil-wax impregnating for garden furniture and outdoor wood

Specific oil-wax protective product for the protection of window frames and wooden structures in general. It penetrates into the porosity of fibers without creating superficial films. It leaves the natural appearance of wood unchanged. Easy to maneuver, you do not need to recoat the wood.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: on all wood surfaces placed outside (floorings, garden furniture, coatings, windows, structures, etc.). Ideal for regular maintenance of surfaces already oiled or varnished. Do not form superficial films. It does not create shingles or exhumations.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake well FLUOIL before use. The product is pure or diluted with DILUOIL (on compact and little absorbent essences). Apply FLUOIL with a brush by homogenously wetting the wood following its absorption and without leaving any excess. After 20-30 minutes, buffer any unused product surplus by rubbing the surface with a soft cloth / dry brush / soft brush. FLUOIL is applied in a passage on already oily essences (eg teak, Iroko) and in two steps on the most absorbent essences. Any second hand will apply as soon as the first is dry (12-24 hours). To regenerate old paintwork and periodic maintenance, apply small amounts of FLUOIL to the surface by rubbing it with soft cloth or brush to remove any excess. Any excess of dried product can be removed with the DILUOIL diluent or with rage water. You can achieve pigmentation by adding OILTONER to the desired color version.

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