Black impregnation for slate and black stones

Protective black-impregnating anti-stain product for color correction of whitewashed stones and black slates. Do not create films.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: Specific for black slate (Blackboard) and other black marbles for indoor and outdoor use. Protective black stain inhibitor specific for color correction of black slates whitened by acid solutions or degradation due to weathering agents. It forms a strong, non-sticky, easy-to-re-seal and time-wicking oil-wax protection. Do not form superficial films. Do not spit or create shingles.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake BRIGHTSTONE BLACK before use. Apply only on dry surfaces. Distribute BRIGHTSTONE NERO with fleece fleece / soft cloth / brush, homogenously wetting the surface following the absorption of the stone. After about 10-15 minutes, remove any excess product from the surface by rubbing it with a soft cloth or disc. Dry after 6-8 hours. On the very absorbent materials it may be necessary to apply two coats of product. Do not apply BRIGHTSTONE BLACK to exposed surfaces and too hot.
YIELD: depending on the absorption of slate: on average, 1 lt / 15-30 mq.