Impregnant compact stones with wet effect protective

Product stain resistant to treatment to "wet effect" of marbles and stones to low absorption. Does not create films.

Characteristics and use: on all the stony surfaces inside and outside. Specific for stones at low absorption (Slate, Granite, porphyry, marble, etc.) and grits. Does not form surface films. Do not browse nor spellicolamenti creates. Can be used both inside and out.
Instructions for Use: Shake BRIGHTSTONE before use. Distribute BRIGHTSTONE with spandicera fleece/soft cloth/brush homogeneously by wetting the surface following the absorption of the stone. After about 10-15 minutes to remove any excess product from the surface by wiping with a cloth or soft disc. Dried after 6-8 hours. On the materials highly absorbent may be necessary to apply two coats of the product. Do not apply BRIGHTSTONE on surfaces exposed to the sun and too hot. Can be pigmented with OILTONER.

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