Water-repellent protective for stone materials

produced for the protection of the antidegrado terracotta, stone and cement in the inside and the outside.

Characteristics and use: on all the stone materials absorbing (terracotta, stone, marble, granite, cement agglomerates, etc.) laid in interior and exterior. Does not change the appearance and the color of the material, does not form the surface film.
Instructions for Use: Use only on surfaces perfectly dry. Apply by spraying, fleece, brush or with a soft cloth uniformly wetting the surface to be treated until saturation following absorption. Dab well any excesses and drippings during the drying stage. The application of any second hand must be carried out ("wet on wet") as soon as the first is dry on the surface. Protect or prevent the surfaces just treated are wet from rain before 8-12 hours from the application. Do not apply on surfaces too hot (> 30°C).

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