Protective water repellent and anti-stain water-based absorbing stone materials

Product for the ski anti-moisture and anti-stain treatment for terracotta, natural stone and cement mixtures with high absorption in interior and exterior. Transparent and leaves no surface film.

FEATURES AND USE: on all kinds of medium-high absorption stone materials, such as stone, brick, cast stone, concrete, mineral plasters. For indoor and outdoor. Leaves no surface film.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Spread TIM spreader fleece, soft cloth, sponge wetting the surface homogeneously. Dab any excess during the drying stage prior to drying. Normally it dries in 4 - 8 hours, in dell'areazione function. It applies to saturation: 1 Pure hand - of materials in the medium to high absorption in interior; 2 pure hands - on high absorption materials (eg. Clear terracotta, highly absorbent stones) and consistent with rising damp in the interior and on all materials placed outside. Avoid that surfaces just treated are wet from the rain before 8-12 hours from application. Do not apply on hot surfaces (> 30 ° C).

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