Fluorinated waterproof anti-stain agent for absorbent stones

Specific impregnating product for middle-high absorbing stones laid inside.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: on all types of medium-high intensity absorbent stones (sandstones, limestone, tufts, etc.) with rough surface finishes (bushy, spotted, scratched, flamed, etc.). Do not form superficial films. It forms an invisible shield. LITOFLON can not avoid acid corrosion of the materials. I
NSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Spread LITOFLON with a spatula, soft cloth, sponge or brush, homogenously wetting the surface after absorbing the material and buffering excessive excess before laying. Any excess of dried product should be removed by rewetting a lacquered LITOFLON cloth on the surface. As soon as it is dry (1-2 hours), apply the second coat as for the first one. Avoid washing the surfaces treated with LITOFLON using alcohol. Do not spray.
YIELD: The yield is as follows: On absorbent stones (eg sand) 1 lt / 8-12 m²; On very absorbent stones (eg tuff) 1 lt / 4-8 mq.