Consolidating, anti-infiltration for stone materials

Product that penetrates into the material and forms an invisible chemical barrier, drastically reduces water absorption capacity and eliminates infiltration from cracks. Ideal for waterproofing joints. Do not film.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: on all absorbent stone materials (Terracotta, Stones, Cement, Clinker and Stoneware, etc.). Ideal for waterproofing floor joints in the outside. It water-repels the surface and restores the original cohesion of decoese materials. ACQUABLOCK eliminates water infiltration from artifacts caused by cracks and cracks up to 1.5 mm wide. It has excellent resistance to aging. It does not yellow.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The product is used pure on dry and clean material. Apply by spray or brush by uniformly wetting the surface to be treated until saturation, following absorption. Insist on joints and cracks. After 5-10 minutes completely remove the product not absorbed by the material, rubbing the surface with a soft cloth or absorbent paper. The application of any second hand must be carried out ("wet on wet") as soon as the first is dry on the surface. ACQUABLOCK dries in 6-8 hours. Protect or prevent the newly treated surfaces from being wet by rain before 24 hours of application.